Sandhill Crane Pendant or Pin Original Art Jewelry by Jenny Licht

Image Description
Sandhill Crane Pin or Pendant Hand Painted Original Artwork by Jenny Licht

This pair of Sandhill Crane have red foreheads, white cheeks and a long dark pointed bill. Ive painted the colors of their feathers in a range from grey, to white and ochre. Theyre standing in a marshy land with a setting sun. The greens are fresh with varied colors of earth and water.
The edges of the piece are also finished where the artwork wraps around to the back for a beautiful finished piece of art.

What makes this artwork a pin or pendant is the bracket on the back. The bracket is a pin back which has a bale (a metal loop) where you can slip through a necklace. (No chain or cord is provided).

My award winning miniature scenes are freehand painted in acrylic without magnification on nearly feather light materials. So feather light they do not weigh down and gape when pinned on a lightweight garment. The artwork on this pin is original, made in America, no decals, stamps, pens used and not imported.

Each piece is professionally double carded perfect for gift-giving, retailing or for yourself.
Rather than just a piece of jewelry, each is an original work of art which youll see, if you look really close, Ive signed, as Ive used each tiny surface as the canvas.

I really dont think the photo is the best depiction of what I do as it is only a picture whereas the jewelry itself is the original artwork. The seemingly impossible tiny scenes, on the modest size jewelry pieces in real life is what makes my jewelry intriguing and highly collectible. The artwork is crisp and intricate.

Due to the handmade nature of every pin and earring, the designs will be slightly different. Some original designs are more difficult than others which is why the prices may vary.

Oval/Pendant Pin 1-3/8 x 2-1/4(approximate pin/pendant size)

*Original artwork is signed by me, Jenny Licht, the artist

*All jewelry is impervious to water in normal use as I varnish everything 3 or more times. Extremely durable and beautifully finished!

*Original artwork is signed by me, Jenny Licht, the artist.

*Beautifully double carded for a professional presentation, perfect for yourself, gift-giving or retailing.

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Upon cleared payment I usually ship within 5-7 business days.

Approximate Price/Value: $24.95