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I am loving making bags with these wonderful heavy duty handbag zippers. These will last for years and are so much fun to have to contain cameras and accesories and cords. When I travel, I always drop a few into my carryon totebag so that I can easily find what I'm looking for without digging into the bottom. They are totally washable. A good way to see if these will hold what you want is to take a ziplock bag, put your item or items into it, then push everything towards the top. Measure what you have and if it is smaller or the same than my measurement sit will work.

Measurements are across the zippered top of a little less than 7.5 inches and a little more than 6 inches deep. These are flat bags. They are made from cotton, interfaced with a fusible interfacing to give them body, then lined on the inside with a cotton fabric that goes with the outside print. Inside varies so I don't take a picture of it.
Finished off at the top by a lovely heavyweight handbag zipper. Your bag will look just like the one shown within an inch of placement. All inside edges are zigzagged to make a nice finished edge.

If you would like a bag made in a different fabric that you see in my store, please email me. I likely have more and can make you the bag of your choice. Novelty fabric bags are so much fun!

Approximate Price/Value: $8.5