Fused Glass Dinner Plate

Image Description
Completely dishwasher safe and ready to use as a dinner plate. Amber and white swirl together over a white and clear base and are solid glass, completely embedded and fused together, so will never fade or get scratched off. The dish has iridescence on the bottom to make it extra sparkly.

Sheets of glass are fired to fuse them together. After it cools, it is then fired again to make the dish shape.

This beautiful piece is 10 inches square, and 1/2" deep.

This is a one-of-a-kind work of art, so your piece will be unique in the universe. And as a work of art, it is signed by the artists.

All of my pieces are created in our smokefree mountaintop glass studio in the hills of California. Since each piece is created by hand, by me, no two will ever be the same, so if you like it, it's best to not wait. If you like the style, but the colors aren't what you're looking for, drop me a line and I can create one just for you.

I can accept paypal, but also Visa, MC and Discover. Contact me for credit card info.

Shipping anywhere in the world, hand delivery to anywhere in the Monterey, CA region.

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Thank you!
Approximate Price/Value: $129