Dichroic Glass Ring Sz 7 1/2 Wire Wrapped DGR101

Image Description
Beautiful Dichroic Glass Cab 18mm Hand Sculpted / Wire Wrapped in the finest jewelers NON TARNICH Sterling Silver Wire and 14K Gold Filled Wire to a size 7 1/2 Ring. ONE ONLY Retail price $34.95, you can buy it now for only $27.95.Every dichroic glass cabochon is an individual work of art created one at a time, no two are the same. A cherished piece of jewelry you will get a lot of compliments on.
Hand-crafted by Les Horner.

The amazing brilliance of Dichroic glass is achieved by vaporizing metallic oxide onto glass sheets in a controlled vacuum. Multiple layers of the treated glass create the dazzling colors. The cut and stacked pieces are fused in a kiln, often several times. Further annealing, grinding and fire polishing result in beautiful and unique jewelry. Dichroic glass jewelry is a real attention-getter. You will be amazed at the notice people take of this unusual and dramatic art glass. The pieces are one-of-a-kind. Each hand-crafted batch of glass can never be duplicated in the same way again. The pieces gather their light and are sparked by the colors that surround them, allowing them to change as we do.

Cameo and Gemstone Jewelry.
Exclusive one of a kind Designer Jewelry using the finest jewelers sterling silver; non-tarnish Argentium and 14K gold-filled wire at prices you can afford. All designs are original, each one slightly different from the others with no two ever exactly alike.
This is Wire Sculpted Jewelry also called Wire Wrapped Jewelry, created strand by strand with the finest jewelers 14Kt Gold-Filled, non-tarnishing Argentium Sterling Silver, Semi-Precious and precious stones, finely carved cameos, agates and semi-precious stones. Each piece has been made using strands of gold-filled or silver wire and sculpted into a singular work of art. There is no soldering, no gluing, and no welding. Each piece is designed for that one-of-a-kind look. Only unique pieces you won't find anywhere else, no two ever exactly alike. Each piece is individually handcrafted into wearable art that will last a Lifetime to be passed down for many Generations!
Approximate Price/Value: $27.95