Vintage Bead Necklace Butterfly Garden - Chinese Antique Qing Porcelain Shard,Lapis,Cloisonne,Crystal,Gold

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Antique Chinese Ching Dynasty (1644-1911) Porcelain Flower Shard,Vintage Chinese Cloisonne,Vintage Lapis Lazuli,Vintage Frosted White Crystal, Gold Filled beads Vintage deep blue lapis beads in an 8mm size and custom cut 10mm frosted crystal beads have been combined with three different shapes of vintage Chinese cloisonne to compliment the focal point of this necklace - an exquisite antique Chinese porcelain shard pendant from the Qing or Ch'ing Dynasty (1644-1911) . It measures 2" long and 1 1/4" in width and features two large petaled flowers in deep rose and deep blue and is in a silver plated ornate bezel setting. I've hand knotted this necklace on white silk cord. ? Please note: Many people sell such shards as 'antiques' and not the reproductions that they truly are and that are currently being exported from China. I have the documentation to prove that this is indeed a genuine Qing Dynasty ( 1644 -1912) as I purchased a few of them during a buying trip to Hong Kong during the late 1970's. ? The 2 large rose pink cloisonne beads on either side are a rare ' lentil ' shape and measure a substantial 1" in diameter! The workmanship is just exquisite with ornate butterflies and flowers on both sides. Vintage Chinese cloisonne from the 1970s is quite collectible and sought after for the amount of detail with crisp gold wire lines and no blurred colors. The other vintage 1970s cloisonne beads are deep lapis blue and like the lentil shaped beads, were personally selected and purchased by us in Hong Kong during the early 1980s for designs I was producing for the Smithsonian's mail order catalog and museum shops. Finally gold filled ribbed abacus shaped beads and silver plated spacer beads add the last little bit of detail and texture. This necklace measures approximately 26" and 28 1/2" with the Qing pendant and will arrive in a vintage Chinese embroidered silk purse all ready for gift giving. ? Shipping costs include insurance within the U.S. ? Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.
Approximate Price/Value: $255