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Vintage deep rich lapis blue moonglow lucite beads that are just gorgeous!
Lucite, introduced by DuPont in 1937, was cheaper to produce and therefore replaced bakelite for use in costume jewelry as early as the very early 1940's. The 'moonglow' style of lucite is very recognizable by the 'glow' that it has and is now considered quite collectible.

I absolutely fell in love with these beads when we found them in 1979 in London during one of our very first buying trips there to the antique district on Portobello Road. They were in some vintage costume jewelry from the 1960's and luckily, I was able to acquire a few strands and just decided to list them.

Price is for 6 of these beads which I 100% guarantee to be vintage and purchased in London in 1979 but are undoubtedly from the 1950's. These are not 'new' vintage beads but old and a luscious color quite hard to find these days.

I sold many of these lucite or resin beads through the Smithsonian Institution's museum shop and mail order catalog during the 1980's and they were also featured in trunk shows at Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue during this same time period.

You'll never see vintage resin beads like this nowadays at your neighborhood "gem show"!

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Approximate Price/Value: $3.5