VINTAGE AMETHYST Chinese Carved Melon FOCAL Bead 50cts 20mm pkg1 cb60

Image Description
Gorgeous vintage carved amethyst semiprecious stone bead that is a twist melon round or fluted spiral cut! This material is near gem quality and is only slightly included as you can see from the photographs. It has a beautiful luster and weighs approximately 50 carats.

This gorgeous vintage bead is an unusual shape and characteristic of what was coming out of Asia in the late 1970s - 1980s. This is definitely NOT something you would ever find these days at your local gem show!

We purchased this bead in Hong Kong in 1985 during one of very our first buying trips to the Far East when I was designing necklaces for the Smithsonian Institutions mail order catalog and museum gift shops.

I 100% guarantee this to be a vintage natural amethyst stone bead purchased in Hong Kong and price is for this one bead.

I sold many of these beads through the Smithsonian Institutions museum shop and mail order catalog during the 1980s and they were also featured in trunk shows at Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue during this same time period.

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Approximate Price/Value: $26.5