Lortone 33B Double Barrel Rock Tumbler

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Lortone 33B Double Barrel Rock Tumbler

Double barrel tumblers have two 3 lb. barrels - it's like getting two Lortone Model 3A tumblers at once saving you money!

I have been finding beautiful stones and shells since childhood, as have many other artists I know. We see the beauty under the rough texture and it's time to let that beauty shine. Bring out the beauty in your gemstones and rocks, polish and work harden your chainmail designs, or polish and work harden jump rings, head pins, free wire designs and wire worked jewelry in a Lortone tumbler.

Tumblers have a quick-seal closure. Smooth and polish up to 6 pounds of metal clay designs, metal jewelry or rocks / rough gemstones!

Tumbles twice as much at one time - by using each of the 3# capacity barrel saves time and money! Or save time and money while running two operations at once like tumbling in one while polishing in the other or polishing in one while grinding in the other. The difference in the function being performed takes place with the grinding / polishing material you put into each drum along with your jewelry, rocks or raw gemstones.

Weight 7 lbs. 120 Volts. Simple to operate. Capable of running 24 hours a day for years with proper care.

This tumbler must be sent FedEx ground because of the dimensions and weight of the machine.

If you have any questions, please contact me, I'll be happy to help you.