Seed Beads Yellow 10/0 Opaque Preciosa-Chech Seed Beads

Image Description
Seed Beads 10/0 Opaque Yellow Preciosa - Chech Seed Beads, made by Jablonex the traditional seed beads. 1.1 ounce pkg is about 31 grams and has over 2,426 beads in it.

10/0 seed beads have 3920 beads/hank @ 50g/hank =78.4 B/g x 30.0375g = about 2,426 Beads per each1.1 oz pkg. [1/2 hank is 1,960 this is more than 1/2 hank of beads]. 1 pound of seed beads = 450 grams/16 oz/lb: 450/16 = 28.125 grams/oz x 1.1 oz = 30.9375 grams/pkg. Views 3 thru five show the dimensions of all packages of seed beads.

This is a bright yellow, in a slightly deeper hue than the light yellow I have listed. The two yellows can be used in the same project for contrast or to show depth.

Mix 10/0 beads with 6/0, 8/0 , 11/0 and 14/0 or 15/0 to add texture and dimension to your projects. Use for spacers and bead bumpers.

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