Azurite Chrysocolla GemstoneTibet Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Azurite Chrysocolla Gemstone Tibet Silver Cuff Bracelet.

Bracelet: 8 to 11 inches with extender.

10mm Azurite Chrysocolla Gemstone and Tibet Silver Cuff, Bangle, Bracelet Jewelry.

MULTI-COLOR STONES of Azurite and Chrysocolla

From Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann - A Blue Green gemstone. Chrysocolla has a 'greasy' vitreous luster in appearance.

Deposits are found in Chile, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Nevada and Zaire.

Additional research revealed the references to Azurite regarding healing beliefs.

The opinions of Diane Stein: "Azurite (Third Eye) * Dark Blue * Heals emotional trauma from present and past lives at the mental body level; promotes karmic healing of negative energy patterns brought from other lifetimes; initiates intense transformation and transcendence; encourages breakthroughs when a healing process seems stuck.....dissolves blocks and negativity; heals confusion; aids Earth healers, meditators and psychics, increases psychic healing ability and visualization. Note: The third eye counterpart of Dioptae, which heals the heart chakra.

Chrysocolla (Thymus) *Aqua*:"Supports women's all-healing and internal physical healing; promotes connection ...and awareness of oneself...; connects thymus and throat chakras for releasing grief, sadness and fear from the emotional body; aids the beginnings of joy, certainty, and peace; promotes letting go, surrendering pain and releasing worry to universal love; supports emotional healing from 'crimes against women' [google does not allow the words used], mastectomy, hysterectomy in this life; supports healing for the lungs, throat, and heart; eases PMS... reduces inflammation.

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