Echinacea on the Rocks- Bead Embellished Mini Art Quilt- 8x10

Image Description
This Mini Art Quilt is another from my On the Rocks series. The photo of Echinaceas or Coneflowers from one of my gardens, printed onto silk fabric with archival inks, is the focal point. The rocky area is a piece of my hand painted "rocks and mud" fabric that has been stitched, and textured by hand and machine stitching various yarns and fibers onto it. The fibers remind me of moss, lichens and other tiny plants that struggle to survive in rocky outcroppings. I hand stitched beads, tiny shells, and stone chips to add more interest. There are tiny dragonflies, butterflies and ladybugs flitting and crawling about. The deep purple sections are a commercial batik fabric, while the green to purple sections are a painted light weight canvas accented with chalk pastel. The piece is bound with two different yarns. The quilting is done with clear thread accenting the flowers and purple, with a variegated thread have been used for the grassy and vinelike quilting in the other sections.
Approximate Price/Value: $135