Quilted Rose Mauve Echinacea Sunprint Wall Hanging- 5x12

Image Description
Quilted Rose Mauve Echinacea Sunprint Wall Hanging- 5"x12"

This art quilt hanging is made using a sunprinted fabric of Echinacea flowers and leaves, on fabric painted in soft shades of dusty rose, mauve, and purple for the center panel of the piece. A sparkle paint was added to give the fabric a bit of a pearly sheen. The top and bottom sections are of a salted and scrunched painted fabric in lavender and light rose. Freemotion quilting accents the sunprints, and the top and bottom sections. Those panels are freemotion quilted vinelike design. The edges are bound with an ivory yarn couched on, and the top has a narrow ribbon stitched on to use as a hanger.

This little art quilt can be displayed as is. One photo shows a hanging displayed on a narrow wall space. It could be placed in a frame meant for two-3 1/2x5" photos, or it can be displayed by mounting it to a pre-stretched artist canvas. the canvas can be used as is, or covered with fabric before mounting the quilt.
Approximate Price/Value: $25