Reserved Listing, Girls Fancy Socks with Peach Hand Tatted Lace

Image Description
These peach dressy socks for girls are frilly and fancy and are rimmed with hand made lace. We call these socks "Princess" socks, so-named by some little girls who received them and ask to wear them by that name, but they can be worn for Easter, Resurrection Sunday, or any time you want your little one to look girly and adorable. The lace edging is hand tatted with a fine needle and is made specifically to have stretch to it, along with the sock itself. When I tat the lace for these toddler socks I attach it as I tat so there is no added sewing to come undone after numerous washes. They look delicate, but are durable. They are machine washable as long as no items are in the load that will catch on them. Easy care - just wash with like colors, use only non-chlorine bleach if needed and tumble dry. Placing the socks (and any other socks) in a bag made of fabric netting both in the washer and dryer will ensure no snags. Fiber: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex Fruit of the Loom Bobby socks with 100% Cotton hand tatted lace edging. Color: Peach Bobby with matching Peach "Clover Lace" Edging - other colors that are available in this style sock are listed below Size: This pair is for little girls ages 3-5 years, but see below for other available sizes for babies and toddlers.
Approximate Price/Value: $12