Small Hand Made RedWood Spatula, Thin Handle, Suede Strap Optional

Image Description
These hand cut, sanded and finished spatulas are made of solid redwood. Each one has a thinner handle than the other style of spatula offered by my 13 year old son. These ones replicate my husband's Mother's original spatula that I still use today even though it has to be more than 40 years old. It's my favorite and although we didn't bring a lot with us, I made sure it was one of the items that was brought with us when we moved from Canada to Arizona! My son has learned so much by making these, including the technique of making the grain smooth by wetting the wood, letting it dry, and sanding. They come out so smooth, almost like a baby's skin, I'm not kidding. Then the mineral oil gets carefully applied after the final sanding and it is allowed to soak in. He will also include a leather loop for easy hanging if you would like, just let us know when you order. I just put mine in a drawer, so I don't use the loop. I use spatulas with a shorter handle for such things as stir-fry's or scrambled eggs, and the nice thing about wood is they can be used on non-stick surfaces. The handle of these wood spatulas also won't get hot when they are left in the hot pot or pan. I use my longer handled ones for stirring things like spaghetti or when I make things like stew or apple butter in the crock pot. Each one has its own unique grain and color, which does change slightly with use. Actually, the more you use it the better the surface gets for cooking, although it may not LOOK better.
Approximate Price/Value: $7