edwardpayne13178356529 on Jan 1, 2021
5 stars

edwardpayne13178356529 on Nov 23, 2020
5 stars

edwardpayne13178356529 on Nov 22, 2020
5 stars

edwardpayne13178356529 on Dec 4, 2020
1 stars

You and your staff did not to as I asked when I placed this order. I asked when you were finished making these jerseys to turn it inside out and clean up the mess inside. All Jerseys you make for me are always left this way for me to finish. Not good.
edwardpayne14 on Sep 3, 2020
5 stars

Jersey is Perfect. Keep up the good work.
sanders8678 on Jan 20, 2020
2 stars

I ordered a 3XL jersey and the seller sent me a 2XL jersey. I'm pissed