JerseyZone's Seller Rating

7 stars (7)

edwardpayne14 on Aug 24, 2020
5 stars

shelly_etheridge_5ce9db on Dec 18, 2019
2 stars

This seller does not communicate to the people who buy their product. I have asked who they shipped the product by as the tracking number is not valid for a specific carrier as (fedex, UPS or the USPS). I was needing this for a Christmas gift for my young nephew and its six days before Christmas. If this seller would communicate i would have given a better rating. I am going to have a very disappointed nephew for Christmas as i have not received it.
Gbsmuv07 on Sep 25, 2019
1 stars

This was not the jersey I received! The style is totally different and I’m not happy about it!!
LilEzzy on Sep 12, 2019
5 stars

They did an awesome job on the Jersey, an it didn't take long to be delivered.
Katherine_roxas_b9f3af on Dec 24, 2018
4 stars

Seller was very responsive and willing to work with us.
john_gray_ab2fa0 on Dec 20, 2018
4 stars

Pleasure to work with
Heidi_Biron_8ef187 on Dec 18, 2018
5 stars

Even though the company is based in China, they were very responsive to my needs and were fair and great to work with.