About Gemstone Maintenance Method

Published On: 05-14-2013 03:01am

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Please don't worry gemstone will dirty ,below is about gemstone maintenance method,will help you .
1. Thoroughly clean method: in a small bowl or cup holding defensive salt dissolves, warm water, soak 24 hours at a time every 10 grams. With a soft cotton flannel free finally dry can. Defensive salt wash for artificial processing, gems, make artificial processing parts. But does not affect the natural part. And monthly cleaning diamond ring with keep salt, can eliminate the dead skin of the ring, pendant on organization from fungi
2. With a small bowl or cup cold water immersion method, will keep the salt in a bowl, put the diamond in the water for about 30 minutes, and then use a small brush and gently scrub around before and after the diamond, waving in the water again for a while, take out dry with paper towel.
3. Quick cleaning method: buy a bit defensive salt, put the diamond ring buried purification, cleaning diamonds. Buried every time need to 24 hours so that there is a downside is that if it is artificial processing gem defensive salt can make artificial processing parts. So if it is artificial gems cannot use defensive salt treatment.

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