Beautiful Things to Come

Published On: 01-11-2012 07:56pm

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Here's a peek at some beautiful things to come....these are just a few trays of goodies I've set to the side of my work-table. (Yes, there's alot more! LOL) I grab a pendant w/it's focal bead strand, then imagine the beading concept or the finished piece, select the extras baubles that will be accents & all the sterling finishing touches, then bead 'til finished, create a pair of matching earrings, then repeat....over & over & over!


I don't remember last when there wasn't a day when I didn't have 'work' to do. I am my own worst enemy-boss....I simply can't find the off button for my imagination or creativity!! This kind of beading will go on for days....and days....and day....and days.... Yep, I created a never-ending-workload kind of career and I LOVE it!! "Too many beads, never enough time." I am so grateful and quietly acknowledge it daily. I feel very blessed. Needless to say, I get lost in my bead world of baubles & blings - always have - and I'm the happiest little clam in my pond.


I only wish I realized in my early adulthood that what I was doing as a child was exactly what I should be doing as an adult! Oh well....Grandma began calling me 'Beady Beth' around the age of 5yrs, little did she know how perfectly that nickname would fit me throughout my life. Or maybe she knew all along the direction I'd be taking....later down my path.  I miss her.



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