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January:  Garnet/Dark Red
February:  Amethyst/Purple
March:  Aquamarine/Light Blue
April:  Diamond/Clear
May:  Emerald/Green
June:  Pearl or Moonstone/White
July:  Ruby/Bright Red
August:  Peridot/Yellowish Green
September:  Sapphire/Deep Blue
October:  Opal or Pink Tourmaline/Multi-colored
November:  Citrine or Yellow Topaz/Yellow Gold
December:  Blue Topaz or Turquoise/Bright Blue

Power Rocks Every Month
Want to give a gift with meaning? Find out what a stone means and attach it to the rock or gem!

Crystals and gemstones are awesome accents to any piece of jewelry, but did you know each sparkly stone holds a special meaning? I’m not really into the ‘metaphysical world’ or know much about Chakras … BUT I think it’s cool to know the the symbolism, history, and meaning behind the stones we love… PLUS it’s an added bonus to know the info about stones if you’re giving them as a gift for friends/loved ones (Christmas, anyone?).

We all probably know our birthstones, but do you know the meaning behind them?

The American National Association of Jewelers (Jewelers of America) chose the stones for each month and it was officially accepted in 1912.

Here’s a list of meanings associated with each month’s birthstone:

  • January: Garnet (usually red) stands for FAITH and some ‘meanings’ associated with it has been constancy of friendship, and even thought to bring success to a new business.
  • February: Amethyst (usually purple) stands for PEACE or WISDOM and also known as the Bishop’s stone, and it’s still worn by Catholic Bishops today. It’s also thought to help with insomnia and bring pleasant dreams.
  • March: Aquamarine (blue-green) stands for LOVE and has been known as the “Water of the Sea” because of its color and was thought to help protect sailors at sea.
  • April: Diamond (usually clear) stands for VIRTUE and is known to represent constancy in relationships (makes sense.)
  • May: Emerald (usually green) stands for WEALTH and is also thought to preserve love.
  • June: Pearl (usually white) stands for BEAUTY and is thought to promote prosperity and success.
  • July: Ruby (usually red) stands for PASSION and is thought to bring passion and bring out the courage to be the best the wearer can be.
  • August: Peridot (usually light green) stands for DIGNITY and is thought to help ward off negative emotions.
  • September: Sapphire (usually dark blue) stands for CLARITY and is thought to help the wearer with perception and promote financial success as well.
  • October: Opal (usually sparkly white) stands for PURITY and is thought to help with luck.
  • November: Topaz or Citrine (alternative) (usually golden color) stands for HOPE and Citrine is thought to increase self-esteem.
  • December: Turquoise or Blue Topaz (alternative) (blue) stands for STRENGTH and turquoise is thought to also bring peace to your home.

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