Fill Up That Box!

Fill Up That Box!

Published On: 08-09-2016 09:32pm

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So, I took all my little lovelies that I had finished last week and placed them in the corner of a larger box. I should have used a medium sized box, instead or the LARGE.  They rolled around and looked so lonely.

I really intended to clean up my workbench from all the earring-making left-over bits, in order to move onto *other* things. Like bracelets!  I was suppose to put away all the little stragglers sitting out. Well, I did....sort'a.  As I sat contemplating (i.e. procrastinating) an *idea* for another pair of ear candy popped into my wee brain.  I picked up my trusty pliers, cut some sterling wire ... there was NO turning back!   I guess I wasn't quite done ... creating MORE earrings. I think I may be a little obsessed.   Just a tad.

Instead of putting all those little buggers away ... I made MORE!! Obviously. And, I filled up that larger box ... there's no room left now!  HA!!  I love making earrings! Can you tell?  All that's left are ALL those earwires ... piece a' cake!Save

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