Bizzy bizzzy lil' bee!

Published On: 04-02-2013 07:49pm

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I've been very bizzzzy at my worktable creating a whole bunch of new designs!  I have a slew of newbies to post just as soon as I get all their earhooks created and attached. 

It's the part I really don't like doing.  Because that's when my passion becomes a 'job'.  But, someone has got to get it done and that someone would be--->Me.  

Here's a little peek to what's coming soon...


Gorgeous gemstone shades and colors of: ruby in zoisite, peacock freshwater pearls, lapis, amethyst, jade, tiger eye, turquoise, azurite, abalone, rutilated quartz, teal fluorite, peruvian opal, apple jasper, rhodonite, smoky quartz, piccaso jasper, chalcedony, sponge coral, red bamboo coral, turquoise, desert jasper, dalmatian jasper, yellow turquoise, onyx, jade, lime gaspeite, honey jade, ivory freshwater pearls, garnet, aventurine, brecciated jasper, natural agate, ...


carnelian, tiger eye, smoky quartz, chrysoprase, angelskin coral, pink jade, pink chalcedony, ruby jade, ruby in fuschite, muscavite, indian agate, blue lace agate, rainbow moonstone, peach moonstone, sugilite, lepidolite, citrine, prehnite, kyanite, sunstone, blue-water iolite, flower jade, olive turquoise, rose quartz, korean jade ... just to name a few!


Yep, I'm going to be a very very very bizzy earhook makin' bee!!


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By miabellacollection-jewelry on 04/01/2014 @ 09:12pm

I buy my beads from numerous sources online, gem shows, and hobby stores. I've have been increasing and collecting my stash for about 10yrs now.

By Guest on 07/19/2013 @ 04:00am

Where do you buy your beads

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