Handwriting Jewelry for Men. One-of-a-kind design

Handwriting Jewelry for Men. One-of-a-kind design

Published On: 06-07-2017 07:45am

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If you want to get a truly unique jewelry piece for your image, it comes to personalized jewelry. This gives you an opportunity to become a co-creator of a piece choosing the focal point of the design - an engraving. What to engrave, it's up to your mood and style. This can just become a regular ID piece with initials, names or some personal information engraved. But this can also become a piece to motivate and inspire, if engraved with a quotation that gives you energy and motivation, or with your motto.

Mens cuff

But if you get a personalized bracelet or necklace, there is still a chance that there will be someone else having a similar jewelry. Do you want to go further and create something that have no copies? Than handwriting jewelry is the option you need. 

Silver cuff

It enables to engrave a handwritten text. This may be just a signature - of yours or of your idol. You way write some words with your hand to give them unique lines and this will be carefully engraved. Do you have a diary? Some words from earlier years that mean something special to you can also be engraved. Do you have copies or pictures of the diary of your favorite writer? This is also the idea for the piece that will inspire you all the time!

Mens gift

You also decide, what jewelry it should be: a bracelet, necklace, pendant.. The text can be seen by everyone or hidden from the eyes when inside engraved.

Black cuff

Handwriting jewelry is certainly the most original and interesting gift for men. You may create a romantic gift for him, writing the engraving with your own hand. This may be a confession.. Tell your words of love in such an unusual way!

Gold mens bracelet

When choosing a jewelry piece, first pay attention to the quality of it, so that it could give good emotions long time!


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