Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

Published On: 01-17-2017 09:30am

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Valentine's Day comes to ladies with chocolates and flowers, tender pearl jewelry, and a dinner at an expensive restaurant. But when it comes to the ladies to choose a gift for their sweethearts, they may have some problems, cause it's rather difficult to choose something romantic for him and at the same time practical as men like.
Here are some ideas for you to be ready for the next Valentine's Day.

1. The easiest way to see his smile is to give him something connected with his hobby thus if he's fond of fishing or hiking, he will appreciate a growler keeping the liquids ice cold or keeping hot drinks hot for more than 24 hours. A new rucksack or sunglasses are   a good alternative as well. To add something romantic to the gift, plan the next hiking tour for you both. There might not be high peaks, but beautiful landscapes where you can enjoy the stars and the world around for you two only. 

2. If you like creating gifts by yourself, craft him a book with the reasons you love him or why you are thankful for him. These can be romantic things as well as funny ones. Don't forget to illustrate it with your sexy photos and funny pictures.

3. Give him a book about his passion. Can't he live without meat? Such a book as "Meat: Everything You Need to Know" will certainly please him!

4. Reconstruct your first date with the smallest details: try to remember the place you fist kissed, the music you heard that evening, the dress you had on - and have the first date once more!

5. Give him a personalized jewelry piece. Order a bracelet or pendant engraved with a handwritten text. Write some words of love and order to make the engraving of them. He will keep the memory forever.

Love, be loved and make crazy gifts now and always!


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