Guide to Wearing Jewelry for Men

Guide to Wearing Jewelry for Men

Published On: 09-30-2016 05:01am

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Sometimes jewelry you wear send signals you are not aware of. Jewelry is certainly an important part of your visual message, even if you don't want it to play the role. Here are some rules for you so that you can better control the signals you share.  

1. Keep your Style Simple. Don't overdo with the accessories. One two pieces at once are enough. If you're choosing a jewelry piece to wear it all the time, e.g. watch, choose a classic one.  

2.  Match Accessories and Match Metals
Your jewelry should feature one metal tone only at a time. Gold is a warm metal, it goes well with accessories and wear in brown and other earth tones, as well as with deep hues like royal blue or hunter green.  Even if you're wearing gold jewelry only, there are different gold tones in a broad range of darkness and lightness, match gold pieces in the way, so that the difference isn't extreme.
Silver and silver-color metals are neutral.  Silver jewelry matches well black or dark gray clothing resulting in a timeless classic look. 

Copper and bronze are orange-hued metals.  Compared with gold or silver they are much bolder and so should be treated and worn carefully.  
Keep precious stones to a minimum.  No matter what they say and what designs look like, they’re still feminine to most.  A stone of a single color on a ring or in the ear stud is ok, but not more.
Leather is a fine material men's jewelry is often made of. Choose natural earth-tones, combined with precious metals.
Wood and bone are becoming popular in men’s jewelry.  The jewelry made of the materials needs to stand out a bit to make a statement.
What about colorful jewelry? Colorful pieces are accepted for wedding bands and heirloom pieces. 

3. Keep in mind Jewelry’s Symbolism
Jewelry has its own meaning. Even if you don't care, at least you should know, that some jewelry may symbolize success and wealth; other symbols are connected with crime world. You have to be careful when wearing jewelry pieces outside the norm.  

4. Dress Code
Thus the business world can severely restrict male jewelry requesting “modest” or “appropriate” jewelry. The appropriate jewelry usually includes watches, cuff-links, wedding bands. Piercings, necklaces, multiple bracelets should be left for casual outfits. 

Don't ignore what you're wearing cause this may tell about you more that you think.  


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