Colors of Autumn Men's Fashion

Colors of Autumn Men's Fashion

Published On: 08-28-2014 09:15am

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Some tips for men to look stylish this autumn! Autumn is a good time to move away from grey, black or brown hues. Don't be afraid of some bright eye-catching colors! A bright jumper will look great with jeans - it's a well-known fact. Let's speak about some other lovely colors that are coming to trend rignt now!
Except of bold colours pay attention to pastel shades and rich deep tones.


Pink shades.
The time when pink was considered for girls only has gone. Dusty pink garments look great in men's wear. A suit in a dusty pink with lavender trousers and a beige t-shirt look modern and will certainly make a statement.
Coral patterns are also used by designers for a variety of sport and casual wear. Paired with white it is relevant in any season. The pastel shade is an adventurous color choice for men. But at least one key piece should be in the collection of a fashionable guy this season. 


Mustard yellow is one more trendy color that should be combined with blue, dark green and red colors. If the color seems to be too bold for you, choose it for trendy accessories at least, they are perfect autumn accent pieces. Footwear in the color works great as well.


Mint green color gives the image a feeling of freshness. Men usually choose deeper shades of green. But this autumn one should pay attention to the fashionable mint one. Designers team it with accents in a bright green (tie, glasses). There is a big variety of jackets and shirts in the hue this season. 
Pastel shades are beginning to play an important role in the men's fashion. Hues from powder blue, lavender to calm peach are worthy of the stylish men's wardrobe.


Refresh your wardrobe with alternative colors!
Don't forget to complement your image with some trendy accessories and your autumn look is ready to make an impact!


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