Some Style Rules for Men to Note

Some Style Rules for Men to Note

Published On: 07-07-2014 03:28pm

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Be stylish every day! Be stylish in every detail! Here are some useful tips for you to keep in mind! 
1. Wear your best clothes right now!
Many men wait for that appropriate moment for wearing their best clothes long...sometimes too long. But don't wait. There are no occasions that aren't suitable for looking well. If you want to be stylish, complement your style and then keep it everywhere every day! You should just get in the habit of wearing your best clothes regardless of an occasion. Choose the clothes that look good on you and don't keep them for the better time that will never come. You can say, that the main thing for you is feeling comfortable. But you can choose the wear that looks well and is comfortable at the same time. Today there isn't such a problem at all. The variety of choices is large! So being stylish means looking good both at an important meeting and at the supermarket. Be well-dressed and be sure, people will treat you with some more respect.

2. Be relevant.
Keep some fashion trends in mind. It doesn't mean following them blindly, but when you keep at least main of them, you will avoid looking oddly in some situations. The clothes you wear depends on the situation, of course. Choose some basics for your wardrobe. Of course, it may take some time to choose items that are comfortable, well-fitting and relevant at the same time. But if you do it, in future it will spare your time, money, and the main thing - you will have outfits for any occashion. The easiest solution - classic clothes for the basis and modern trendy things to complement them.  Also when buying clothes, take the weather of your living place into consideration. 

3. Buy interchangeable clothing.
Try to have everything you wear as interchangeable as possible. If you already have the basis of your wardrobe, when buying a new thing, think, if it suits the basis you have. Pay attention at the colors. The basis should be in gray, black, brown, white hues that go with everything well. Simple patterns and cuts also match better than more complicated ones. Take belts, shoes and small items into account, they must match the overall style as well. 


4. Accessories. 
This is the part of your image that may make you stand out in the crowd and be individual. Pick up at least a bracelet and a necklace that matches your style well. Modern fashion offers a great variety of jewelry designs that make the men's image even more masculine. Earrings, pendants, watches and other accessories are made to any taste. You choose what is best to express your personality!



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