Celtic Jewelry and Symbols

Celtic Jewelry and Symbols

Published On: 06-27-2014 12:29pm

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Celts were an ethno-linguistic group of tribal societies who lived in Europe and Asia between 2500 BC-500 AD. Some traditions of their rich culture are still used by artists all over the words, by jewelry designers as well. The celtic symbols are both beautiful and meaningful and give enough material for imagination. Celtic jewelry features excellent jewelry craftsmanship. Celts produced jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants mostly of gold, silver, and bronze. Here are some celtic symbols used for jewelry designs from the times of Celts till today. Celtic symbols are surrounded with mysteries and are believed to have a secret meaning and power. Celtic Cross. It stands for the four different elements of the earth: earth, wind, fire and water. It symbolizes the unity of these elements.

Celtic Spirals. Spiral is the most popular sign used in Celtic jewelry designs. It symbolizes the rebirth, growth, and represents the consciousness of nature. It also stands for evolution, union of cosmic energies and infinite natural progress. Other spiral meanings are balance, initiation, journeying and development.

Rope Designs. Ropes are regarded to symbolize continuity. They are often used in the designs of rings and bangles.

Knot Patterns. Knot stands for unity and loyalty. It symbolizes eternity, as it has no beginning and end. Because of that it also stands for timeless nature of the person's spirit. In ancient times, gifts adorned with the mystic knots were given with the wishes of longevity, or good luck.

Choosing jewelry with Celtic motifs may add some meaningful notes to your image or help making a magic gift!


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