offering new clothing line, all handmade

Published On: 12-20-2011 08:56pm

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mulberry scarf

hand crocheted

by Lise Winne

(Note: since migrating to the new blog template, this was probably the eleventh post on the blog, probably written in late autumn of 2011):

I have decided to expand my listings in my Artfire studio/shop to include some of my clothing line.

I am primarily known for my greeting cards, paintings and ceramics, but I have made my own clothes for years. I thought other people might enjoy some of the same kinds of clothes that I like to wear and make.

Although greeting cards, paintings and ceramics will always dominate what I do as an artist, you can expect to see more clothing from me as time permits.

I have a masters degree in art education and I had to teach many mediums. I believe this is why I am able to offer so many mediums now, as a working artist.

My first offering is an extra long crocheted scarf (as seen above). I have two of these available now, ready to ship through this listing on Artfire:

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