How to care for your meteorite jewelry

How to care for your meteorite jewelry

Published On: 04-24-2013 08:07pm

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Quality jewelry can last a lifetime if proper care is taken.  These step by step instructions can help you prevent rusting on your meteorite jewelry.

Acid triggers rusting on meteorites.

Care should be taken to keep meteorites away from chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, swimming pool chemicals, etc., especially anything with acid in it. If you never want to take your ring off, you could get a Ring Armor Rustproofing solution that will coat and protect the meteorite from rust for many months. You can buy this online from Jewelry By Johan

Store correctly to prevent damage.

Minimize scratches and prevent damage by storing your jewelry in individual small plastic bags or in separate compartments in your jewelry box.

Clean your meteorites regularly.

You can use toothpaste at any time to clean the surface of the meteorite. Get yourself 90% alcohol from the pharmacy and soak it for about 10 minutes in a cup to drive away any moisture. Remove the ring and dispose of the alcohol in an acceptable way. Wipe down the ring with a paper towel and set it down to dry. The alcohol will evaporate. Iron meteorites can be coated with a very thin layer of plain old used motor oil that does not contain water or chemical cleansers. Dab dry when done.

NOTE:  If you have wood or deer antler inlays next to meteorite on your ring you should NOT use the above instructions until you have had Ring Armor Waterproofing added to the Wood or Antler.

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