Quality over Quantity | A Defense of Handmade in the Face of Commercialism

Published On: 02-15-2012 09:30pm

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Like all groups or dynamics out there, there are going to be those that make a bad name for a everyone.

The handmade market place is no exception to this fact.   You can find tons of handmade items on and off the internet that are poor quality and just... sad.  I myself have been the recipient of more than one of those gifts that turns into the white elephant from hell in your closet or tucked away in the spare room somewhere.   This is true, it happens.  It's out there and it's out there in force, too. 

The problem is, this reputation has a false connotation to it.    It doesn't take into account the true Artisans out there that put their heart and soul into the pieces they make.

When you find these gems, they're worth holding on to.   Let me explain why.

A true artisan takes pride in their work.  They pay attention to detail.   Every stitch matters.  Every turn of wire and link in a chain has meaning and importance.  

Unlike the "slap it together and toss it in a box" hand made pieces that many imagine because of  the reputation that places like
Regretsy fosters, a true artisan takes time with their work.  They strive for perfection from start to finish.  Every step that works towards the end result is given attention to detail so that when the end result is achieved, you can be certain that the end product is as close to perfection as possible. 


In a handmade piece designed and created by a true artisan, every bead is touched by their hands, each link in a chain and stitch in a scarf is given care and love and focus.   Commercial jewelry, scarves and other items just can't claim this.  No machine can be so exacting as an artisan in the throes of their work.

This is a time consuming process, but one that artisans take on with pleasure and joy.  This adds not just quality to each piece they make, but a personal touch you'll never find in Sears, Walmart, Neiman Marcus or Zales.

So when you're looking for a special, quality gift for yourself or others, don't write off the handmade so easily.  Instead, search for the gems among the rabble.  The artisans and artists out there that dedicate their lives to perfection are all around you, easily accessible and often much more willing to assist you one-on-one to achieve the ideal gift you're looking for than any commercial store you might try.

Gilliauna Davis is an artisan jewelry designer that specializes in quality artisan jewelry designs for the every day woman who appreciates color, quality and style. As the primary designer of Bits n Beads by Gilliauna, she is available for consultation on custom pieces and is an avid supporter of handmade artisans around the world through her blog, The Meandering Musings of a Consummate Shopper.

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