Business Pages on Facebook and the Eternal Hunt for Fans

Published On: 02-15-2012 09:38pm

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Recently, one of our Boosting Etsy Shops Team members posted a request for advice on how to get yourself more fans on Facebook for you Business/Shop Fan Page.   They were stuck at just over 80 fans and had been for a few months.

It was at that time that I realized that
our Fan Page that we started up last October has just recently crested over 2300 fans (how did that happen??) ... So I suppose that makes us qualified to answer this question although It really takes some thought to figure out -how- we got to that number. It seems that it just started to grow after a while on its own.

In the beginning, though, that definitely wasn't the case.  Here's how we got started...

First, we posted in every "Facebook" request for followers/link exchange thread we could find in the Etsy promotions Forum. Over the past few months we've even started a few of our own.

Second, we started offering and participating in Link Love. For those not familiar, what this is is that you put a thread on your "Discussions" tab that welcomes people to share their links with your readers IN THE THREAD. This has helped cut down on spammy posts on our wall.

Third, Facebook fan pages aren't just for garnering customers, the pages are also useful for networking with your peers. Therefore, we offer the option of reciprocal fanning. In our status announcement, it welcomes people to our page and offers them the option of becoming our fan and leaving us a link to their fan page so that we can then fan them back.  

I think these are the three most influential methods we've used to get more fans.

Now, to -keep- them, you have to find that comfortable balance between too much and too little content. You don't want to spam your fans.

If you offer a variety of content, that helps. Our "variety" has been a bit lacking lately because Zoie's sick and so she isn't able to contribute right now but we usually announce not just new product that shows up in our shop but also blog posts we make, features from others about our shop, helpful tips for blogging, marketing, etc and other interesting tidbits to help keep a variety of content available for our fans to enjoy.  

I think it's also important that you interact with your fans.  After all, if they took the time and effort to make a post on your wall or to comment on something that you've posted, they're sure to appreciate you taking the time and effort to reply

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