Published On: 11-04-2012 01:17pm

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Sigh. It's snowing in Western NY.

I guess once I started driving in it, I stopped liking show. In any way. Every year I wish for a green - not white - birthday. Since that's December 24th, I get overruled every time.

However I have been getting some stuff done. I posted all my Queen of the Winter Night collection, added new Pussyfoot Studios items and updated old photos, am updating the Fairy Lights images and descriptions and have about a dozen more to add, and have Butterfly Kisses all set.


I am now adding a little gift bag to qualifying orders in Butterfly Kisses, Fairy Lights, Pixie Garden, Queen of the Winter Night, and Pussyfoot Studio. More will probably be included as I have time.


I have a few chandelier earrings that need posting, but they need better photos too. My main push this week will be trying to get decent photos of Pixie Garden items. I just need more light, but diffused, not direct, and I'm not having much luck with a setup. Off to the hardware store! I'm almost as dangerous there as in a craft store, but book stores are still my weakness.




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