Pshew! Finally Fall!

Published On: 10-22-2012 12:58pm

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Wow, it was a crazy summer, so busy it feels like it just got away from me,  I love fall though, even if it is right before winter. Not that I hate winter, I just HATE driving in the snow. And this Buffalo, after all. We got lucky last year, I don't think there was ever more than 6 inches at a time on the ground, and it never lasted more than like a week. I was loving it, but my Fiancé wasn't so happy; no plowing.

So I finally got all of the PussyFoot Studios items re-photographed, I found a button on my camera that lets you take a picture of something white and automatically adjusts the white balance for you! Miracle! Everything in my house is old paneling, so it's harder than heck to get true color pictures, but these are the best so far. I'll probably end up re-shooting everything, once I finish listing the new stuff.

Speaking of which, you can expect Pixie Garden Crystal Earrings, Butterfly Kisses Crystal Memory Wire Bracelets with Charms, and a few new Fairy Lights Crystal Bracelets.

Oh, and I shall have a few winter/holiday pieces up soon also.

Have a Blessed Samhain!



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