Beading 101: Stones

Published On: 05-09-2014 04:15pm

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The healing power of gemstones has been recorded throughout the ages and in various cultures.


1901719019Agates come in a variety of colors and is known for its properties of protection against negative energy, stress and bad dreams.  Agates promote strength.


19021Amazonite balances energy, promotes kindness and practicality.


19022Amethyst has traditionally been worn to guard against drunkenness and promote a “sober” mind. Also considered a “dream stone” promoting pleasant dreams.


 19038Bloodstone is thought to stop bleeding and is used to protect against the Evil Eye.  Used by the Greeks as a symbol of change and justice.


 19024Blue Lace Agate – another agate which is known for its calming properties and its ability to encourage peace and block negative energies


 19025Citrine is believed to increase psychic powers, promote self esteem, open the mind, promote clarity and protect against abusive thoughts of others directed at the wearer.


19036Crystal Quartz is an energy stone, often associated with the spiritual world as it is known to amplify the energies around it for good or ill.


 19027Dolomite reduces negative emotions and calms negative energies.


19028Emeralds are the sacred stone of Venus and is thought to preserve love and symbolize hope.  Many believe that emeralds bring wisdom and awaken the mind to prophecy, or calm a troubled mind.

 19016Flourite comes in a rainbow of color form blue and green to purple. Flourite is believed to neutralize negative energies, block negative vibrations and promote concentration.


 19030Garnets promotes self-esteem and is a symbol of love, trust, sincerity and compassion.


 19064Hematite promotes relationships and is good for increasing intuition. Due to its grounding qualities it is believed to help protect the wearer from the negative effects of energy pulses produced by computers.

 19031Iolite is believed to unlock creative vision and expression and open the mind to ideas. Also stimulates the memory.


 19026Jade has been used for centuries to attract love and create a positive attitude towards money. Jade is also thought to protect against misfortune and attract wealth.

 Like agates, jaspers come in many different colors. Jaspers promote versatility, a desire for new experiences, strength, and helps clear creative blocks and aid in meditation.


19032Lapis has been a treasured stone of both the Greeks and Egyptians, prized even above gold. Lapis has been used a symbol of truth and is said to promote opening ones spiritual centers – believed to allow persons to become spiritual channels


 Labradorite helps one see through illusions and interpret dreams. Also believed to stimulate the imagination, new ideas and strengthen intuition


 19033Malachite is believed to be a strong protective force, especially for children. Also thought to promote success in business and balance relationships; has been used to reflect energies for good or ill


 19023Onyx, black, helps to release negative energies and emotions and acts as a defense against negative influences; fortifies self confidence, and sharpens your senses


 19034Onyx, Mexican or banded, see black onyx.


 Peridot has long been held as a symbol of purity and morality in the Catholic Church. Ancient’s believed that it was a gift from Mother Nature and promoted love and clear-mindedness. Protects against negative emotions.


Rose quartz has traditionally been considered a “love stone” helping to reenergize marriages and open the heart to new love. Believed to grant a sense of self worth and grant inner peace.


 Rhodochrosite is believed to promote feelings of love and compassion, open the mind to the creative process and awaken intuition.


 19037Rubies are said to promote contentment and ward against bad dreams. It is also believed to be one of the most powerful protective stones and is often used as a symbol of vitality and strength, promote courage and physical love.


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