My Workspace - July Blog Carnival

My Workspace - July Blog Carnival

Published On: 08-01-2014 05:34am

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The July topic of the Jewelry Artisans Community Blog Carnival is "My Workspace".  I think we were supposed to talk about whatever current project is on our workspace, but since I usually have at least a dozen things in various stages of completion going on at the same time, I thought I'd just show you where I work.


Considering what I accomplish here, it's rather tiny.  My husband has graciously allowed me to take over a corner of his office and I try not to spill over into his space too much.   He calls it "encroaching".  A 3 x 3 foot drafting table (which my wonderful husband designed and made for me many years ago) and a three foot tall shelving unit make up my space.  On the drafting table is a fishing tackle box up in the corner that's full of beads and different types of cord.  The tackle box belonged to my late father-in-law and it was what I used to store my meager stash of beads when I was first learning how to make jewelry.  The bead stash has grown beyond what I ever thought possible!  A desk lamp is clamped to the other side of the drafting table and I often hang completed necklaces from it before storing them in my inventory.  Doing that gives me an opportunity to look them over in case I spot something I want to change.  I'll admit that I also like to admire my work when a completed piece came out particularly well!


Finding a satisfactory storage system for beads, wire, cord, components, tools and all the other things involved in making jewelry can be a challenge.  I've tried several different things over the years and have never been completely happy with them.  Earlier this year, I found these stacking and inter-locking storage tubs at my local dollar store and they are perfect for my needs.  Some have compartments inside for small things like beads while others are just a wide open tub making them large enough to hold larger items like tools.  They fit nicely on my shelving unit and under my table and make it so much easier to find things.



As you can see, my actual work area isn't very neat.  I do tidy up now and then but it's hard to keep it that way when I'm always working on projects.  It's a pain to put everything away only to get it all back out the next day!  That nifty jar of antique buttons was a retirement gift from a friend and I am having so much fun turning them into button rings.



And, there you have it.  Some jewelry makers have entire studios to call there own and I must admit if my current situation made it possible I would love that.  As it is, my work space is cozy and there are few things I enjoy more than sitting at my table working on a design while chatting with my husband as he works at his desk.

As always, thanks for looking!

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By Guest on 08/02/2014 @ 12:43pm

Looking good to me! Now I want to see something made with those dragonflies, please! :-D Cat from Cat's Wire

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