Love is in the Air - February Blog Carnival

Love is in the Air - February Blog Carnival

Published On: 02-26-2014 05:25am

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It's time again for the monthly Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival and this month our topic is love. 

Even though it's technically still winter, love is in the air.  I can see it in the way the daffodils are pushing through the soil and the trees are sending out little buds that will eventually turn into leaves.  I can hear it in the songs the birds are singing each morning after months of silence and the buzzing of the bees.  I can feel it by the warmth of the sun on my face.

The days are longer.  The weather is milder.  Soft spring colors are starting to make their appearance.  With all of these signs of renewal, there's a feeling of excitement and anticipation of good things to come and with it love, hope and optimism   It's a love that has has nothing to do with romance and everything to do with the simple pleasures that have us loving life.

Along that line of thought, here's a little ring to remind us of what is precious.


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Reader's Comments

By Guest on 06/04/2014 @ 05:31pm

Hi Dawn! Love this ring!...and your eloquent post. :) Allison

By CatsWire on 02/27/2014 @ 05:12pm

We didn't really have winter here yet, but today felt even more spring like. It's not dark anymore when I come home from work, the air does smell different, it's a lovely feeling indeed. It's a beautiful sweet ring you made. Perfect!

By Guest on 02/26/2014 @ 04:56pm

I like the ring, but we got a couple inches of snow this morning, so I'm not feeling the spring thing!

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