New Technique - January Blog Carnival

New Technique - January Blog Carnival

Published On: 01-28-2014 02:52am

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We (Jewelry Artisans Community) skipped a couple of months due to the busy holiday season, but the holidays are over and the blog carnival is back.  Our topic for January is "New Techniques".

I have been intrigued with paper beads since I first laid eyes on them a few years ago when a friend pointed out an article about them.  I made 100's of beads, mostly because I loved seeing how the colors and patterns of the paper blended when they were rolled up. 

After setting them aside in pursuit of other jewelry related projects, I recently re-kindled my interest because I needed some beads with big holes and didn't have any on hand.  It occurred to me that I might be able to make big hole beads out of paper.  The end result was barrel shaped beads that are constructed of two layers of paper which gives them extra strength.  Because they were so large, the ends needed to be finished in some way.

After looking through my stash, I came upon some grommets in different colors and they worked perfectly for lining the beads (more strength) and providing a polished finish.  I'm quite happy with these:


I then used my large hole paper beads to make these cool leather hoops which was why I needed big hole beads in the first place!

It was necessary to figure out a way to securely hold the two ends of the leather cord in a hoop shape and not have them come loose.  The wire wrapped bale does the trick nicely.  I've pulled on the cord really hard and it shoes no sign of giving way, although the wire has threatened to change shape.



I'm so taken with this design that I ordered leather cord in several colors to complement the various paper beads that I've been making.  Hopefully, others will like them too!

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By CatsWire on 01/31/2014 @ 07:42am

Such fun! I'm sure you are going to come up with more great designs based on these beads!!

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