Nicker's Bead Challenge

Nicker's Bead Challenge

Published On: 08-19-2013 04:20am

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Members of the Jewelry Artisans Community are currently participating in a fun bead challenge.  Nicole Valentine of N Valentine Studio generously donated some of her hand made glass beads and challenged the participants to make a pair of earrings.

With breathless anticipation, we waited for our beads to arrive in the mail from Canada - some were traveling as far as England and Germany.  Knowing that mail from Canada can be slow, we were prepared to wait for weeks if necessary.  Imagine our surprise when the beads began to arrive at their destinations within days after being mailed.  Lucky me - mine arrived first!   The beads going to England and Germany were delivered in record speed; less than five days after mailing.  We don't know how Nicole worked her magic, but we are impressed!

Nicole posted this teaser photo at the bead challenge thread to torture us while we waited!


Here are some of the beads that participants received and the earrings they have made - haven't they done a great job?

lotty64 of The Crafty Chimp at Facebook:



Michele of mcstoneworks at ArtFire



Cat of Cat's Wire at Zibbet:



Dawn of JewelryArtByDawn at ArtFire:



If you would like to follow along with the challenge as more earrings are made and posted, here is a link to this fun, interesting and sometimes hilarious thread:  Nicker's Bead Challenge

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Reader's Comments

By RefinedVintage on 09/04/2013 @ 02:55pm

What a fun Idea, and you have all made such pretty and unique earrings from your special world beads.

By DesertCreations on 08/22/2013 @ 01:49am

Great post and wonderful creations from some amazing beads!!! Thank you for sharing!

By PolkadotOrchid on 08/20/2013 @ 06:46pm

I love how you chose to hang the beads so that you can see the blue bulls-eye pattern in the center of the bead!

By ShadowDogDesigns on 08/20/2013 @ 03:28pm

Love looking at creations from bead challenges and how each interpret their beads differently. What fun! Thanks for sharing, Dawn! Wow - and I'm amazed at how quickly the beads got to their destination from Canada!!!

By ChristieCottage on 08/20/2013 @ 10:29am

Cool pieces and all creatively different <><

By JewelryArtByDawn on 08/20/2013 @ 04:03am

Thank you so much all of you! Julie and Anna, if you ever want to donate beads for a similar challenge, we'd be thrilled to accept them. Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to check out the Jewelry Artisans Community and join in the fun. Ann, every girl deserves a new pair of earrings now and then!

By Guest on 08/19/2013 @ 11:46pm

Dawn, I too am planning to hang my beads so the edges show. Everyone has done a fantastic job with their beads. I have not made my earrings yet, but anyone who wants to see the beads I got, should check out the challenge thread at Jewelry Artisans Community. I posted a pic after Dawn's blog post came out.

By EweniqueEssentials on 08/19/2013 @ 09:36pm

What fun! I enjoyed seeing the challenge beads and how the artist used them in a pair of earrings. Gorgeous, all of them!

By craftsofthepast on 08/19/2013 @ 08:26pm

Hey, I might do that occasionally when I get enough of the polymer beads made. That would be fun! Maybe the contestants will have to send me back one of the earrings? Would that be fair ;) This looks like a really interesting project and I like what people did with their beads. Thanks, Dawn, for letting us join in the fun. Anna

By Wyverndesigns on 08/19/2013 @ 07:19pm

What gorgeous beads and earrings!

By bluemorningexpressions on 08/19/2013 @ 04:15pm

what fun, Dawn! I would love to participate in something like this. I could donate a bucket full of beads LOL - wonderful post and I am off to read her post as well. Shared Julie and Blu

By craftingmemories on 08/19/2013 @ 03:22pm

Beautiful handmade beads and earrings. Thank you for sharing the challenge results.

By Guest on 08/19/2013 @ 01:04pm

I love seeing them all together with the before and after photo's. Everyone has their own style and all are gorgeous. <3

By PutmanLakeDesigns on 08/19/2013 @ 12:55pm

Wow on two fronts. First on the actual handmade beads. They are gorgeous and the second one on the earrings that have been made! I just might have to visit some shops.....haven't bought earrings for myself in a long time!

By CatsWire on 08/19/2013 @ 05:38am

It's always amazing how people can take similar beads and turn them into something completely different. I dare say we all did a pretty good job with very pretty beads so far! :-D

By mcstoneworks on 08/19/2013 @ 04:49am

Beautiful and diverse styles. Nicole sent us some gorgeous beads to work with. Thank you for including my challenge earrings in your blog post.

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