March Blog Carnival - Goals for 2013

March Blog Carnival - Goals for 2013

Published On: 03-24-2013 03:59am

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This month, the members of Jewelry Artisans Community are blogging about their goals for 2013.  I had to think about this topic as I'm so far off track with growing my business that it's been derailed.

2011 and 2012 were devastating years for me and my family and it's been a really difficult time.   Things are finally starting to settle down and I'm getting to the point where I can begin to focus on what I hope to be a successful business some day.

My goals for 2013:

1.  To have no more bad stuff happen!  Don't have any control over this one, but one can hope.
2.  To complete my series of blog posts about painting the Elephant Bangle
3.  To start creating jewelry again and get it listed in my studio
4.  To start promoting not only my studio, but the studios of others

Modest goals, but I think that's enough for this year.  It seems like it's important to remember that baby steps are required; taking on too much at once might become overwhelming.  I'll be satisfied to accomplish the goals listed above and whatever comes of it is good enough for this year.

On that note, the creative urge has been elusive and I'm trying to get the desire to create back.  I've started by fiddling with vintage buttons and wire.


The rings make me happy for some reason.  Maybe it's seeing a vintage button re-purposed to start a new chapter in it's life which reminds me that I'm starting a new chapter as well and that it will be ok.


 It could be the simple satisfaction of creating and seeing a piece to completion. 


I dunno - whatever it is, these vintage button rings represent getting back on track to me and it feels right.

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Reader's Comments

By Guest on 03/27/2013 @ 12:34pm

Great goals Dawn. Love the button rings! And very much looking forward more on the elephant bangle journey. Margaret.

By JewelryArtByDawn on 03/26/2013 @ 04:12am

Cat, if I figure out how to accomplish goal #1, you'll be the first to know. Guest, hoping to start publishing new posts about the elephant bangle next week - thank you so much!

By Guest on 03/25/2013 @ 11:08pm

Oooh, and I want to see the rest of the posts on the elephant bangle. That is one fabulous piece of art.

By CatsWire on 03/24/2013 @ 09:22pm

I think your plans sound very sensible. Personally I love #1, if you find out how to achieve that, please let me know ;-) I'm going for the baby steps myself. Who knows, maybe they will lead to bigger steps once we get back on track!

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