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Published On: 12-23-2011 12:48pm

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I'd like to show you one of the modern earring designs! Create them by yourself! First of all let's pay attention to the tools you need. Make sure you have some pliers (flat nose pliers, needle-nose pliers, crimping pliers).


Purchase or make ear wires, jump rings, headpins. Pick up some beads you like as we're going to create bead earrings. Pay attention to the sizes of the supplies you choose. If you have headpins with a little 'head' than the holes in the beads for earrings mustn't be very big, otherwise the bead will slide off.
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Or you can string first a little bead with the hole that exactly fits the headpin and then bead bigger ones. To make the earrings I combine beads of different shapes and sizes. You can also choose beads of the same size, of course.
As you have strung all the beads, start making a loop that holds everything together. To make a loop grab your headpin with the beads with the needle-nose pliers. Bend the end to get 90 degree angle. With the help of pliers bend the headpin in order to get a loop.
Take the loop with flat nose pliers and with the help of different pliers bend the end of the wire pin around. The technique isn't very hard. But to make it carefully, you should practice.


Use the crimping pliers to make the end of the wire go down and so make your earring safe not to hurt anyone while putting the earring on. Especially if you sell the products you make, always make sure that all the wire ends aren't sharp and are properly hidden away. Be enough gentle in order not to break the wire. Slip the top ear wire and the main earrings part to a jump ring. And so your earring is basically done.
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Whether you're making the jewelry for sale or for yourself, handmade creations and the creative process bring much joy! Experiment with colors, different beads and get interesting designs and lovely jewelry pieces! If you want to wear something unique, make the earrings by yourself! Sometimes it's easier and faster to make earrings of your dream at home than looking for them in jewelry shops!

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