Artisan necklace design or how to make modern jewelry by yourself!

Published On: 02-08-2013 11:08am

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Do you want to create an artisan necklace by yourself? There is a nice idea for you!


Look at the picture. There you will see all the components you need to create the artisan necklace. So you will need wire wrapped beads, jump rings and a curved bar. To make the necklace I use wire wrapped Turquoise Bead drop dangles and the findings made of copper. You can choose different materials of course. Also you can take any beads and wrap them with wire by yourself. If you have all the components ready, you can make the necklace easily. Get the bar with three holes or make the holes by yourself (two -on the ends and one in the center). Attach two jump rings to the holes on the ends. It enables to add the future pendant to a chain. You will need one more jump ring to add to the wire wrapped dangle and then attach the ready bead charm to the curved pendant. Choose a matching chain and the necklace is ready! You may choose a copper chain or of any different metal. Experiment and don't be afraid of bold combinations!

If you like the design, you can choose the wire wrapped beads, jump rings and necklace connectors at my shop! All the jewelry supplies are high quality. They are hand made one by one by me at my studio. At the categories you will find the supplies of different shapes, sizes and materials.

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Also choose lovely chains for necklaces making! Look through different options and find your own perfect combination! You can also order the ready jewelry kit. There are all the components you need to create the artisan necklace.

This is only one idea! But you can get much more inspiration for your work just looking through quality jewelry supplies I offer! And of course, there are findings not for necklaces only. There are ear wires, beads and bead caps, headpins, charms and much more components for making different jewelry! There are also unique Lampwork supplies and custom jewelry pieces for creation unique personalized jewelry! You will love my jewelry supplies as they are quality and great at work. Create earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, charms and pendants of one-of-a-kind modern designs. With the supplies you can work in various styles and get awesome results!

Choose what you need to complement your creative projects! I hope, here you will find everything necessary! Jewelry making is the perfect way to express your personality and embody creative ideas!

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