Design ideas! Unique beads, bead caps, ear wires and different supplies for creation unique artisan jewelry!

Published On: 02-07-2013 05:31pm

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Do you want some ideas for making lovely beaded earrings? Here you will get them!
I'm a jewelry designer. As I have already gained much experience, I know, what artisans need for making unusual, unique jewelry creations! That's why I'm also glad to share my knowledge and not only. I offer a large variety of jewelry supplies that can be used in different artisan designs.

This time I'd like to talk about earrings designs as earrings are perhaps the most popular jewelry type. It may seem that there already exist all possible designs. But actually it's not so. The possibilities are endless. You can always experiment with different color combinations, use unusual findings and combine them interestingly to get new designs! To provide new ideas I try to create one-of-a-kind supplies of different sizes, shapes and colors that allow to create jewelries in different styles.


At the photo you can see a pair of amazing purple dangle earrings. They are handmade using ear wires, flower bead caps, head pins and crystal beads. Flower jewelry is one of the fashion trends that never go out of fashion. Flowers are beautiful gifts of nature, there are so many kinds of them! You can also create your own 'garden' consisting of various flowers. Think over a design, color combination and pick up necessary supplies. Don't you have new ideas? Are you looking for quality supplies? Follow the link to find artisan bead caps: 

There are bead caps of different materials, various sizes, suitable for hundred designs! Lovely colors of enamel and quality metals are the main materials for their creation. 

 If you want to get the caps that have been used for the earrings at the picture, follow this link: Handmade Bead Caps

At the second photo there are similar earrings of a different color.


As you have already noticed quality ear wires are used. I'd like to offer you my ear wires. They are represented in different sizes and shapes too. Silver and gold filled, brass and copper, enameled ear wires in French style are quality and easy at work

Do you prefer making bold designs? Do you adore vintage style? At my shop you can also find all the necessary materials! Look at the photo! 


Large beads in vintage style and fancy long bead caps are used. The design looks unusually and may complement an image in antique or vintage style perfectly. Look through different categories of my shop to find what you need for unique jewelry creations!
There are beautiful supplies not for earrings making only. Using findings of my shop you can create gorgeous necklaces, stunning bracelets, pieces of personalized jewelry etc. Welcome into my world of jewelry and jewelry supplies - the world of art and beauty!

Check out my Handmade Jewelry Supplies

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