Tutorial: making beaded chunky necklace

Published On: 02-05-2013 09:17am

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Let's make a lovely chunky necklace! You will need big beads, spacer beads, two jump rings, eye needle, small closures, a narrow ribbon of any color, and a wide ribbon of the color matching to your beads. Take the narrow ribbon, pin the needle into the end and start beading. Between each two large beads string a little spacer bead. The needle makes pulling the beads onto the ribbon easy. 

10215  10216

So string a large bead - then little seed bead - then large bead again. You will do this all the way through. You can use the beads of one or several colors. It depends on the effect you want to achieve. As soon as you finish stringing all your beads, spread some glue on the end of the ribbon and attach the small closure.

10217  10218

Use a pair of pliers to fix the closure on the ribbon. Cut the excess end of the ribbon as close as you can get to the closure. Sometimes closures can be small and may go through the bead hole. So add the jump ring to it. Do the same thing with the closure on the other side and pay attention: the beads shouldn't 'sit' too tight on the ribbon, the necklace should stay flexible. Attach the jump ring to the second end of the ribbon.

10221  10222

So you get two ends with the jump rings. Cut two pieces of the wider ribbon, 2 feet long. Fold the piece in half and fill it through the jump ring. Make a loop, open it up and pull the ribbon end through it, pull it tight. Make the same thing on the other side.

10223  10224

And so the necklace is ready, you can tight it around your neck and enjoy wearing your own handmade jewelry creation!


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