Making beaded hoop earrings using wire, ear wires, head pins and beads

Published On: 02-04-2013 04:37pm

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There is one more class for making lovely earrings. To create the pair of earrings you will need 22 gauge wire, head pins, some beads you like (4 big beads and 4 little pieces), 2 jump rings, ear wires. You will also need some tools: needle nose pliers, round nose and cutting pliers.


Cut two wire pieces and bend two open hoops. The size of the hoops depends actually on your wish. I choose here the medium size. Take one of the hoops and bend 45 degree angle toward you on the end of the wire with the help of the round nose pliers. Make it on each end. And then round out the bent angle in the direction away from you to make a loop. String a big bead onto the headpin, cut the excess wire and make a little loop from the end of the pin. Make the same thing with the second big bead.

10202  10201

String little beads together with bigger ones (little bead - big one - once more little bead). This time don't make a loop on the end of the headpin, but leave a bigger head pin piece and bend a 45 degree angle on the end again. Then take one of the wire hoops and connect its ends with the help of the jump ring by adjusting it to the hoop ends. Make the same thing with the second hoop.

10203  10204

Slide the jump rings adjusted to the hoops to the ear wires. Then attach first the longer headpins with three beads to the jump rings of each earring (making a loop from the 45 degree bent end). And then attach the big beads to the jump rings too.   

10206 10205

The lovely beaded hoop earrings are ready! You may use various ear wires, wire of different materials. Experiment with bead sizes and colors and get interesting results!


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