Tutorial: making beaded bracelet with lovely enameled beads

Published On: 02-01-2013 11:25am

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I'd like to show you a bracelet design that can be easily created by you. It is a nice bead bracelet. So for making it first pick up some beads. Let's speak about the bracelet's size. The average size of women's bracelet is 7 inch and of a men's one is 8 inch. So as you pick your beads lay them in one line and measure the line's length. Keep in mind that there will also be additional components such as jump rings, a clasp. 

10133  10134

 I take some beads of different shapes and diameter. You can also take beads of one pattern, of course. I'd like to put bigger beads in the center of my design and then continue to string smaller ones toward the ends. To make the bracelet you will also need a toggle clasp and some jump rings: with one and double twist. Here I will use gun metal beading wire - 0.5 mm in size. Measure the wire of the necessary size. Make sure to cut at least 2 inches extra. Then fasten one of the ends by using a tip and double twisted jump ring. Make a loop bending the wire over the jump ring and through the tip in such a way that the jump ring hangs on the loop. The next step is stringing your beads.

10135  10136

There is a huge variety of beads to choose from. Experiment with colors. You may choose beads made of different materials. But be sure that all the beads for your design match each other. As you have strung all your beads measure the bracelet size once more before fastening the second end. Before working with the other side of the bracelet, make sure the first end lays down on the table. String one more tip, one more double twisted jump ring and bend the wire over the jump ring and through the tip. Put the loose end through a couple of beads so that it will be hidden. Use needle nose pliers to pull the end to fasten the end, but don't pull too tight. If you pull the end too tight, the bracelet will lose its flexibility. Cut the excess wire. 

10137  10139

The last thing to do is to add the toggle clasp with single twisted jump rings. Slide the end of your bracelet and a toggle piece into the jump ring on each side.

10140 10138 

 That's all - the fine bead bracelet is ready!


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