Most Loved Way to Pamper your Face

Most Loved Way to Pamper your Face

Published On: 03-19-2015 08:42pm

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Women are going CRAZY over this Serum, as they massage it into their face they let out soft moans as if they were getting the best massage ever or eating a decadent chocolate soufflé.
Our Night Serum Deeply Nourishing Treatment penetrates deeply into all three layers of skin so the new skin cells forming will benefit from the nutrients in the serum resulting in healthier skin cells which are smoother and plumper and contain more collagen (the supportive structure to skin giving it a firm appearance)

*What is the difference between a Serum and a Moisturizer?
A Moisturizer delivers water soluble nutrients and active ingredients into the top layer of skin cells as well as lock in moisture. Moisturizers are an emulsion (a mixture of water and oil) the water ingredients bring moisture to skin and the oils lock in the moisture.
A Serum is made mostly of oils and has the ability to bring oil soluble nutrients to the deep layers of the skin, and it can lock in moisture if applied immediately after washing and toning the face.
Moisturizer should be applied in the morning and a Serum applied at night after washing and toning and can be followed up with Moisturizer.

Story Behind This Product

I never felt like I needed a serum but I had several customers who asked me to make a serum for them and of course I have to test my products on myself and my trusted testers before I offer them for sale. I was totally blown away with the difference I saw in my skin after just the first day. The texture of my skin had completely changed, it was much finer, smooth, a porcelain type texture. I think you will LOVE the results you get with this Serum.

Materials Used

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel, Raspberry seed, Hempseed, Argan, Castor and Sea Buckthorn oils and Vitamin E, beeswax, essential oils of Rose, Rose geranium, Frankincense, Benzoin tree resin

Get it for your FACE, she will LOVE you!

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