Designer Scrunchies Customer Comments

Designer Scrunchies Customer Comments

Published On: 08-28-2013 05:37pm

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What customers are saying about my scrunchies:

"Pretty scrunchies!" - Christie

"Very unique and colorful scrunchies!" - Debra

"Beautiful scrunchies and with a lot of heart and talent put into them! I love them!" - Alicia

"The scrunchies are absolutely beautiful! So adorable and well made! I have never seen such cute scrunchies, such a nice change of pace from fabric ones. I know my friends who are receiving these will be delighted to have something so lovely and unique to use in their hair for a fresh change of pace!" - Debra

"These adorable beaded scrunchies may not look like all the work they are: I used to do this. The beads need to go on the thread first -- woe is the crocheter who is 2 or 3 beads short!" - Alisun

"I love my scrunchies! Beautiful work!" - Alicia

"These scrunchies are really cute and well made! My daughters are all excited about wearing them!" - Christie

"These scrunchies are so cute, my daughter is already wearing one. Thanks!" - Cindy

"The nieces are going to love these scrunchies." - Alisun

"These are so perfect for dress up and everyday! I get so many compliments when I wear one and so does my daughter." - Rose

"These scrunchies are beautiful! I had gotten some before for my girls and I. Mom saw them and loved them. SO, I got these for Mom. I know she will like them. Fast, friendly service too. Thank you!" - Christie

Reader's Comments

By Guest on 09/11/2014 @ 09:32am

These scrunchies are THE BEST I have ever found! They are not only gorgeous and well made but quality materials are used. I bought the Fiesta scrunchie because I love rainbow colors and my hair has a mind of its own. I half expected it to fade over time, but I have washed it every week for months and it has help fast to its bright and beautiful rainbow colors. They are strong and hold my wayward hair inline for hours without adjustments and for that, I am truly thankful. Plus they are downright fun to wear! Thanks, Melissa for making such a unique and wonderful product.

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