Mother's Day gemstones

Mother's Day gemstones

Published On: 03-31-2012 11:07pm

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As Mother’s Day approaches the quest for a thoughtful gift becomes a real challenge.  I wanted to bring together a collection of traditional birthstones and jewelry pieces to help you pick a gorgeous meaningful one of a kind gift for those Women who cater to us the rest of the year. 

Happy Mother’s Day!!


Mom’s birthday in

January: Her birthstone is Garnet.  A delicious Red gem with purple undertones.

February: Her birthstone is Amethyst.  A beautiful Purple Quartz.

March: Her Birthstone is Aquamarine.  Nothing reminds me more of the ocean.

April: Her Birthstone is Diamond.  One of the four precious gemstones  This is also my birthstone.  I recommend a huge chunk of affordable Crystal Quartz to celebrate.

May: Her Birthstone is Emerald.  One of the four precious gemstones and more rare than Diamonds.

June: Her Birthstone is Pearl.  So many different shapes and colors make this a go to for everyday jewelry not just a dress up gem.

July: Her Birthstone is Ruby.  One of the four precious gemstones it’s deep red color is forever romantic.

August: Her Birthstone is Peridot.  A bright delicious green that reminds me of spring.

September: Her Birthstone is Sapphire.  One of the four precious gemstones and gorgeous in deep Blue.

October: Her Birthstone Opal. An iridescent gem of white with blue undertones.  Also pink and blue varieties. 

November: Her Birthstone is Citrine.  This warm yellow quartz gem reminds me of the sun.

December: Her Birthstone is Blue Topaz.  Ranging from light to deep blue it is an elegant transparent gem.

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