Making chainmaille

Published On: 11-11-2011 01:29pm

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Have you noticed Chainmaille jewelry in my studio? Looks really great but a little pricey right?


I can guarantee you wear your chainmaille pieces all the time. These will become your go to pieces that go with everything, will last forever, and get noticed as a gorgeous yet classic piece of jewelry.


Let me tell you more about what goes into each piece so you can appreciate the quality and workmanship that in involved.


Chainmaille jewelry is made from rings, usually metal, that are woven together to make a pattern. I have taken a chainmaille class to learn about this ancient craft that originally was used to make armor. My Chainmaille jewelry is made from sterling silver or gold filled wire that I have coiled around a mandrel then cut with a jeweler saw into rings. I then weave them into a pattern to make beautiful and substantial pieces. For something really unique check out the designs where I have paired metal and crystal rings.


I enjoy weaving the patterns and become a little addicted at finishing a piece.  There is something so satisfying about pulling a newly created shiny and beautiful piece out of the tumbler.  My least favorite part of the process is cutting the rings by hand.  When I took classes they had an electric saw just for rings that made the process take seconds instead of the hours that I take to do it by hand.  I am getting faster as time goes on.  Maybe one day I'll get an electric saw.  My husband suggested that I buy precut rings but they are expensive and I would have to charge more for the pieces.


A typical piece of chainmaille takes hours to complete the process and uses many feet of sterling silver or gold filled wire. These pieces are time consuming and use a lot of material. They may be a little pricey but you will enjoy these pieces for years and years.

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