Serpentine gemstone

Serpentine gemstone

Published On: 10-31-2013 08:41pm

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Serpentine is a gorgeous opaque green gemstone.  I had heard of New Jade but didn’t know these two were the same thing until I started my research.

Serpentine gets its name from the word 'serpent' because it resembles the skin of a snake. It is sometimes called New Jade and is predominantly a green minerals that occur in masses of small intergrown crystals. It also occurs in a variety of colors that also includes red, brown-red, brown-yellow and white. It has been used since ancient times to guard against disease and sorcery.

It was in the 19th century that people became aware of the fire resistant nature of serpentine, as a result is was utilized in many materials and fabrics. According to legend, Romans used this stone as protection against sorcery and the dark arts. Vessels were made of serpentine, as they were said to shatter is they came into contact with poison. Therefore many ancients began using serpentine to craft drinking vessels.

The stone is formed from minerals that are found most often in metamorphic or igneous rocks. The name serpentine is in truth a general name that forms an umbrella over different types of minerals that are almost indistinguishable from one another. These include antigorite, clinochrysotile, lizardite, orthochrysotile, and parachrysotile.

The clinochrysotile form of serpentine was used for years to form asbestos. However, asbestos's link to cancer has logically ceased the use of this particular form of serpentine in jewelry as well as in most ornamentation.

Serpentine is readily available in many areas including Afghanistan, Africa, Australia, Canada, China, England, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland and the United States. In the U.S., it is mined primarily in Arizona, California, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. It is the state stone of California.

Serpentine is an old gem, perhaps as much as four thousand years of age. It was highly prized by many cultures including the Aztecs, Egyptians, and Israelites. Some claim that a part of the Egyptian Book of the Dead is made from serpentine. Others say that the gem was often placed in the breastplates of Israelite warriors.

Serpentine has been used since ancient times. It was once used as a holy stone to ask the gods and goddesses for blessing. Ancient Greeks and Romans used it as a protection stone. It was believed to protect its wearer from poisonous creatures, which included not only snakes, but other insects like scorpions as well.

Today, serpentine is still believed to be one of the most powerful of all gemstones. New Age healers believe that it can unblock the aura to bring mind, body, and soul back into natural alignment. It supposedly balances mood swings in order to prevent humans from manic depression.

In the ancient civilizations of America, serpentine was considered as a guardian of vital energy as well as a protector of the soul against invisible powers.

In the Middle Ages, serpentine was used to house medicine as it was told to increase the healing powers of the medicine and to make it last longer.

The gem is also believed to help its wearer or carrier to achieve all of their goals and objectives. In that respect, it is considered a valuable stone for those working in a professional career.

Serpentine is highly valued as a meditation stone. Many believe in its ability to help its wearer find inner peace.

As a healing stone, serpentine is valuable to nursing mothers. It helps to regulate their supply of milk. It is also believed to help with kidney stones and stomach cramps.



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